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Hold Everything Dear, an artist book of etchings, 2009

Published by Center Street Studio in Milton, MA

My need to chart my brother's journey as a soldier in the U.S. Army over the last four years is the motivation behind this book. Exploring maps and satellite imagery of the 6 bases where he has been stationed while in Iraq, Kuwait, Germany and the United States began my process for building the images on the plates. I used color to draw connections between the images, loosely following the trajectory of my brother's travels. Further development of the relationship of the images led to measuring the distance between each base. Marking my brother's path across the world using the unit of the military step (30 inches) created a more intimate scale, that I felt could be understood in the same way that we walk on the land. At the start of my brother's second deployment to Iraq, I read John Berger's Hold Everything Dear in a search for words that might soothe my fear and anxiety. The images in my book are accompanied by Gareth Evans' poem “Hold Everything Dear,” which I discovered in Berger's book. I feel Evans' hopeful words speak to cycles of life and nature, and a search for peace.

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